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Jean-Michel Jarre in English

4 thèmes | 12 oeuvres
“"The Inasound a festival is very close to my heart because, being a child of Pierre Schaeffer’s, I have spent my life promoting the importance of the GRM (musical research Group). We talk a lot about festivals dedicated to electronic music, not always knowing what it means, but the Inasound wants to be a real festival that celebrates electronic music, both in terms of music and of images with video".” At 70 years of age, and nearly 80 million of albums sold, Jean-Michel Jarre can rightfully be considered as one of the fathers of electronic music. Host of the first edition of the Inasound festival, he is our guest.

Back to the futur


""Here we are on something more classic, the Moebius’s way (Jodorowski's Incal scenario published in 1981)." "A great sci-fi comic book." """

Ghost in the Shell

""With Gravity or Interstellar, Ghost in the Shell marks the return of an appetite for science fiction and of an exploration of the future that we have lost sight of in recent decades." """

Equinoxe Infinity

Released in 1978 with 10 million copies sold, Jean-Michel Jarre says of  Equinoxe: "I wanted express the flow of the 24 hours in a day, each part of the album representing a different moment of the day and of the night. Equinoxe Infinity is a new album inspired by the first opus.

Equinoxe infinity
Equinoxe infinity
Auteur: Jarre, Jean-Michel (1948-....)
Edition: Sony Music


2001 : Space Odyssey

""Cinema has always been one of my main sources of inspiration." 2001: the Space Odyssey" I categorize because it is the film which impressed me the most at the beginning of my career." "It is linked to this period in history when man had just walked on the moon." "It is also the foundation of a romantic vision of the future." "On the musical side, there is this oxymoron between the image and the sound." "It's great to use, in order to illustrate the voyage of a spaceship, "The Blue Danube", this waltz of Strauss, this way of using music, not as an illustration but as a counter-point." "The same thing with György Ligeti's requiem for the monolith scene." "All of these are things that have had a deep impact on me and that are the foundation of the way I envisioned the electro scene, this mix of technology, poetry, exploration and futuristic vision." """

Sketches of Spain

""This album holds everything I love in music, the idea that music, instrumental in particular, is a soundtrack that can be done in one’s head." "It's interesting to celebrate timeless and trans generational albums”"

Pierre Schaeffer – 10 ans d’essais radiophoniques

""Contrary to popular belief, electronic music does not come from Detroit or from the United States but from continental Europe." "It has nothing to do with jazz or rock but with our classical music, Stockhausen on one side, Pierre Shaeffer and Pierre Henry on the other." "The GRM is the basis of everything." "All the DJs are the grand children of Pierre Shaeffe’sr who, since the 1940's, has created loops, the fact of tampering with the sound, of accelerating it, slowing it down, turning it upside down ... Without this clearing work we" "would not exist and electro music throughout the world would not exist.”"



""Musically, it's always hard for me to choose." "I will start with Flavien Berger's current album. He is one of those artists I like because they build bridges between different styles, as I've always tried to do between experimental music, pop and melody." "Flavien also has, on another level, the desire to build a bridge between classical song and electro, with a totally poetic side, while taking in lots of domains and various styles, to create a deep specificity." "Flavien is the typical example that comes to contradict all those who think that yesterday was better than today and that tomorrow will be even worse." """

Auteur: Berger, Flavien
Edition: Sony music

The Bricks that built the houses

""Kate Tempest is a young English rapper whose novel has been praised by the British and American press as the great renewal of Anglo-Saxon literature, and which I advise to read urgently." "It's a sort of accelerated Vernon Subutex." "It is an extremely powerful style where we feel the meaning of the rapper's formula in the service of a very incarnate, very carnal story." "A very, very beautiful book." """

Souris Calle

""Sophie Calle asked about forty musicians, including me, to celebrate the death of her cat named Souris." "Many musicians like Bono, Jarvis Cocker, Christophe, Mirwai, answered positively ... I love Sophie Calle, this mix of humor and introspection, with a rock'n'roll side that I really appretiate." """


Virtual Reality

""There's a Los Angeles-based band working with me on with my next album called TheWave, as well as an artist called Sutu, a special effects artist." "We are creating a virtual world in which people can turn into DJs and remix all the songs on the album." """


""Unlike her previous books, this one is a novel, rather a big nouvelle, almost a thriller, very different from what she has done so far." "I love Patti Smith." """

The end

""This is the surreal story of a world where trees control humanity, a world controlled by this silent community." "It's extremely beautiful, it's one of the most beautiful comics I've read in a long time." "A far cry from Titeuf!" """

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